The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 11)

Since I’ve been given the task of coming up with an idea for this week…, I’ve been thinking about what can have a good scope and could be interesting to play around with.

So, this weeks topic . . . . . . Insects & Bugs :beetle: :snail:

From a low poly insect or bug or a fantasy insect of your own creation to a simple scene for your bug of choice to lounge in.

Here goes :slight_smile:


Oh, this might be a good theme to learn more about Blender sculpting :slight_smile:


I had a terrible time with Blender not cooperating and was even worse when I tried rendering my “Fantasy Bees” I had to do a screen shot but here they are.

P.S. I created the clover greens leaves from a texture from Clover Clumps_PNG_KL by


Wow, awesome. What problems are you having?

nice one, looking smart :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lucas! Glad you like it. I think it is a rendering issue with Blender and my Mac. Had this issue when I did the fluffy bunny tutorial. I don’t think this a geometry issue but it could be a particle issue maybe? I ended up leaving out the grass to match the background hoping it would help but it didn’t. This had less than 1/2 of tris I posted for the monthly and didn’t have an issue rendering the monthly. I am going to try downloading the new version of Blender and see if that helps.

Thanks, OboShape. I am glad you like it.

This is my Week 11 submission Steampunk Spider. Wish I could have offered more as far as detail goes, but my netbook(1gb ram) can only handle so much. Hope you all enjoy my creation.


That’s strange. I’ve never had any issue creating transparency when uploading to Sketchfab. Also note that you can actually go into the 3D Settings in Sketchfab, and change the properties of materials, in order to make them more shiny or, in this case, more transparent! That way you can change it without reuploading. You should do that; you’ll get the effect you want, I’m sure!

These are looking great so far, I have missed a couple of the weekly challenges am going to try and get one done for this :slight_smile:


Probably the particle system, but can you share the actual error? maybe is something simple that we can help
It’s always a good idea to keep the Blender up to date, with the latest stable version, could be that.

Thank you McFuzz for the suggestion. The machine I’m using is very outdated, any type of editing within SketchFab just leads to a system crash(luckily I’m able to participate in the weekly events). Fortunately I was able to export the project as an obj along with the material to give the transparent effect at its joints.

Was no error messages, Lucas. Most of the time the machine locked up, which it shouldn’t be doing since I have a fairly decent machine albeit a little dated, and had to do restarts. I downloaded the 2.78rc version, which has some cycles render improvement, so am going to see how it does.

Nice spider! I like the steampunk effect.

Well here we go!

An ant! :ant:


Awesome motgaine ahm and Brandon really nice work all around !

Sorry for posting this ugly beast.


phew , i nearly messed the whole thing up trying to unwrap it.
had to create a new file and append parts into it.

I did learn to use a couple of things, when creating lines with single verts for profiles, or faces CTRL+SHFT extrudes to pointer when clicked with rotation too :slight_smile:

heres my ladybird for this week with a day to spare :slight_smile:


Had a bit of fun making the walk cycle for this


Lol. Absolutely love the “AAAAHM GONNA GETCHYA” walk of that spider. 10/10! <3 Everyone’s insects are so great this week. (BY the way, if you post the long link, it will embed the Sketchfab proper. Please do this if possible, bcause I only count submissions that are either pictures or sketchfab links when I am recapping the submissions each week.)

I apologize that I’m going to miss this week; I was working on a low-poly, handpainted sword asset instead. x3 Woops!

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