The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 10)

This week’s topic is:

  • Cars - :police_car: :taxi: :blue_car:

Let’s model some vehicles. Low Poly, stylized, full high poly, make a showcase car or a traffic situation. It’s all up to you :slight_smile:

And remember: just get something done until the end of the week - no reason to be shy.

It’s all about practicing your workflow and sizing down your scope to get it online.
Refine if you have more time but get something done as quick as possible and iterate.


Right, im joining in from now on :slight_smile:
need the practice, I left Blender for a week, and oh hell the Rust set in, so need to dust it off again…

Im spending waay to much time on a wheel :frowning:

lol so the rest is tube steel go kart :slight_smile:


well heres what I have so far, was going for a BoxGoKart like the old ones we used to make as kids… Unfortunately, im not going to be able to complete this week as I’ve just got a call today to go back offshore :frowning:
So unfortunately, its an unfinished submission… ill try harder next week once i get back from work.


Offshore? Are you in the navy or work on cruise ships something like that? Started off looking cool …even if your late post the finished result :slight_smile:

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Cheers :slight_smile: Nothing that glamourus I’m afraid :frowning:
Just on oil rigs in the North Sea

I’ll keep at it and get it done when I can

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Welp, I had a couple hours spare at work, so I used them to make a low poly car and a scene. Don’t tell my boss though! :smiley:

Not expecting this to get as much attention on Sketchfab as the last one of my scenes did, but I needed to do this to prevent the onset of rust, I haven’t made a model in weeks.


i am trying to make an Audi R8 but it is harder than i expected i don’t know if i could finish it on time


well done mcfuzz really like your low poly crash scene …its awesome mate …abd that audi r8 will be sooo awesome my friend looking forward to seeing the end result !! just keep at it you will get it perfect in no time mate… looking real great so far!..cant wait to see it ! Oboshape thats sounds like a pretty interesting life…always wondered what its like to be on those oil rigs!

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I’ve always wondered why the DVDs I’ve bought tell me I am not allowed to play them on oil rigs!?

That aside - the quality of the work that you are all producing is fantastic, it’s very hard to believe people say things like they don’t have arty skills and so on when you see these, I am very envious, I have so much on at the moment it’s going to be a while until I can realistically start the Blender course, but seeing what you all create is really inspiring and gives me hope that, despite palm-bashing the keyboard like a monkey, I may be able to create something simple one day :slight_smile:

Rob I’m sure if you do the course you will turn out some amazing works mate, I have 0 art skills i couldn’t draw a cup of tea lol …but when you go through the course and make your first few course models like the chess board …you end up amazed like wow what the hell how did i do that hahah it got me all amped like cool maybe i will be able to make something cool after learning this program haha I think its a misconception that you have to be an artist to turn out some very cool blender models…i mean yeah maybe things like the sculpting you have to have an artists feel to do amazing organic models quickly …i find just determination to finish a model does the trick …no matter how ****py you think its going just keep at it clean the mesh and eventually it comes together if you are determined enough … looking forward to seeing your cool models once you get to the course…i have no doubt you will surprise yourself and be saying damn i can’t believe I’m doing this or made that…michael does such a good job teaching everything he makes it easy to follow along! I guarantee you that if you do and finish the course you will do much better than simple models by the end… you will be amazed at what you are managing to do for sure …i bet everyone here that has done the course would agree that they surprised themselves with what they could accomplish once they got a ways into he course! its like magic haha

Really DVDS that say don’t play on oil rigs lol ?

Ok here is the scene I’m working on to be finished sunday eve for the weekly …built a police chopper grabbed my VW and decided to make a classic get the bad guys scene… need to add some characters and some more scenery and of course clean it all up … what i have so far…


That’s very kind, thanks :slight_smile: appreciate the words of support.

…and yeah, normally in the copyright scrolly blurb… always made me wonder what crew on an oil rig do for entertainment :slight_smile:

Your models are looking great… I could use that boulder! :smiley:

hehe, its a copyright/PRS thing. as when you buy a DVD you get it for personal use.
the platform that im on just now has 150+ blokes on it, so its considered a public place if you play it in the recreation room or cinema onboard your playing to an audience, ok if you just play in your own room tho.

that aside, wow thats some darm cool work goin on. ive made it on the Wifi, so once i get my paperwork for today all up to date its back on blender for an hour :slight_smile:

The funny thing is, I only remember it specifically mentioning oil rigs… it never lists “railway stations, airports, bus stops” etc etc… there is something magical about oil rigs clearly…

Sorry, I will stop now as this is distracting from the main theme! :slight_smile:

Michael and Ben make it easy to learn. If I can create things, after struggling for so long, anyone can make great creations in Blender. You will do just fine! :slight_smile:


Thank you Morgaine :slight_smile:

Lots of nice vehicles this week…very nicely done Everyone! It is fun to see what everyone comes up with each week.

I have to beg off due to limited skill level and no interest in modeling vehicles. It looks pretty complicated. I have found I do better modedling if I have some interest in the object I am attempting to create but, I think all art is that way. Modeling is definitely an art. Not to mention, I just finished the Monthly so my creative juices are meh at the moment. Maybe next week! :smile_cat:

Keep up the great work!

Nice scene! It is nice to see the vintage VW in it. I like the texture you used for the barrier.

I learned a lot this week… and failed miserably lol
Time to restart with a lot less scope and more simple approach.


Phhfftt! If you learned a lot this week, you didn’t fail at all! I would say you won the greater prize!


Moragine the concrete barrier and boulder are both objects I downloaded from blend swap …i was too lazy after building the choper and cleaning up the vw to build all the back ground stuff. So those two items are not my making in my scene. Texturing is still a very weak suit of mine in working hard on now. Wish I could make textures as nice as what’s on the boulder and barrier !

For me, texturing is a whole different art form I been mucking around with for a long time. I am not that great at it but are some great “free” textures out there on the web that can be used. Or, for a small fee, you can purchase textures you can use over and over again and/or alter to suit your needs. You can search the web to see what is available. Be sure to read the Terms of Service or User Licensing agreements on what can and cannot do with both free or purchased textures. You might try (formally CG Textures) they have quite an assortment. Or, grab your camera and create your own images.

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