The Blender Collab: Week 30 “Travel impressions”

My little room

Slightly improved version of these


Dang! We got amazing submissions this week, great job everyone!


Nice! The second render is definitely much cleaner. I like how you stylized the window and door shape.

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Actually second scene in rendered in 512 cycles whether the first one was in 128 so that’s make a huge difference.:grin:


You probably know this bridge. It’s pretty Iconic for the city on one side of it. You’ve probably also seen it get destroyed in many a monster/disaster movie.

This is my first time doing one of these low poly orthographic scenes. It took way longer than I thought it would. I’m used to focusing on a single/few object(s) at a high level of detail, where as this was many objects at a low level of detail. I like it because it changes the scope of what you can do. Much bigger/macro scenes are possible. I still need more practice at this style, but it was fun.


Nice work but I guess the clouds could be better. Great work though.

Beautiful low poly scene! Amazing job for a first attempt, the only thing that seems out of place is the clouds, a bit too realistic in my opinion, the water on the other hand fits despite it’s rather realistic look.

Here is my entry :smiley: I have traveled a lot of countries, but there are few places that are so chaotic and colorful at the same time.

I do wish i could have added more details but was only able to start 2 days ago :grin:
Any guesses where this is?


Your entry is gorgeous, amazing work!

@Ducaluk Mmmm… This is a pretty hard guess, it could any Latin-American country, but I’ll say it’s either Brasil or México, or maybe I’m completely wrong and it’s India xD

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Thanks for your feedback! About the clouds, is the issue that the level of detail is too high compared to the rest of the scene?

@Ducaluk I’d guess Rio De Janeiro based on the steep terrain and colorful horses. That’s how it looks in the movies, anyway. Nice scene!

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@Yee It’s indeed Mexico :smiley:
@Tyger2 Thanks, great you like it. Like your San Fransisco scene ! Great detail and perspective.

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I thought I posted mine, but it looks like it didn’t take so I’ll try again and sorry for the duplicate post if it happens.

This is a place I camped at back in 2002, yes, that many moons ago. I don’t have a reference photo, but I remember the location vividly. I wish I was better at making the snow on the mountain tops though.


This week I wanted to do too much, with too little time. :see_no_evil: In my imagination, there would be a rocky beach with animated waves, grass, animation of the leaves, better textures, … (I tried out some of those things, but it was too complicated to do quickly)

Anyways, here is my entry:

An olive tree, in remembrance of the year I lived in Greece! :smiley:


Yeah, the current level of detail stands out to much and doesn’t fit with the rest of the scene, low poly, solid, white clouds would fit in much better in my opinion.

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Lighthouses of Lake Superior.

First attempt at using the liquid system. Spent a lot of time trying to get the waves I wanted, which didn’t leave room for much else. Definitely a learning experience.


Park “Stolby” in Krasnoyarsk is the best place for hiking.


Also didn’t get as far as I wanted…

This is supposed to be the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford, UK…Visited a friend there for 2 days a couple of years back… Amazing town. I now get to say “I went to Oxford” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great entries everyone!

@Alexandra_Ispas: that has a Disney vibe to it, but I’m not sure where tho.


I love the main round building. Missing the detail on the other part though (it stands out in contrast to the other one). Generally, very nice though :slight_smile: Oxford is awesome - been there myself once ^^

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Yeah the fluid simulation is tough! Mainly because it just takes so much time and processing power between iterations, so you can tweak things and see the results quickly. Do you know about the wave modifier? I just found out about it this week, so I don’t know too much about it, and I couldn’t get it to look right for my scene so I didn’t use it, but it seemed to make some cool looking stuff!

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I’m trying to figure out fluid simulation too, and it’s driving me crazy! ^^

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