The Blender Collab: Week 29 "What's your favorite movie?" (Closed)

I can’t pinpoint the movie, but I’m pretty sure it’s something sci-fi. Maybe taking place on a spaceship? May include traces of aliens.

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I wasn’t sure at first but now that I spotted the monster on the right, I can say that for sure it’s Alien, nice submission!


Well, not ready to make my submission yet but early prototyping looks good. for those who want to follow my progress you can see it in this post.

Just one look, a splitsecond and a voice in my head was shouting “Alien” at me. I realized the Alien itself a few seconds later :joy:
The ambient would have been enough to recognize, but I thank you for putting in the xenomorph
:+1: :+1: :+1:


Also didn’t have a clear favorite… so I chose a movie that left a lasting impression… unfortunately that also ended up being one of the most trauma-inducing movies I’ve ever seen. I apologize if you recognize this and it triggers any discomfort. Saw it long ago before there was something like IMDB to warn me about what to expect. It’s one of those soul-shattering types of movies that makes you want to phone your mom to tell her that you love her.

Hint: A generally well-acclaimed but incredibly disturbing French movie from about 2 decades ago that you would struggle to recommend to anyone because it features traumatizing topics and you cannot un-watch it. Imagine a maddening, low, droning sound.


@Jaco_Pretorius You did a great job making the scene that defines the movie. It’s indeed one of those scenes in a movie to never forget ! (and i knew it in an instant -> Irreversible) great job!

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Damn, I was hoping it would be too obscure to guess.

Well done for guessing correctly :clap:, and my condolences to you for having experienced that movie.

Well crafted movie - but damn, did they have to traumatize me just to make the point that I should be happy with what I have??

Well, I don’t recognize the scene, so I obviously haven’t seen it, but now you’ve got me curious. :wink:

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I need a low poly character rig, so I began fixing up and rigging the past low poly character model I made for several of the low poly scenes I’ve done, figured it wouldn’t take long… I was wrong. I’m still a bit new to rigging and armatures, most my models that I’ve rigged are simple when it comes to them, so I ran into several issues and have messed around with different methods when it comes to the mess that is parenting at times. Finally found a solution and separated it’s limbs into their own objects and have now started working on the submission, it was a nice learning experience even if it was a bit frustrating at times. Can’t wait to get this submission done, I have a pretty good idea for it!


It must be fate that we both had entries related to asain culture . mine is from east asia though .
FOr a detailed explaination for knot . you can see blender guru’s rope tutorial .
YOU can also just use curves instead of the array . just increase offset under curve properties .
For the texture here is my node setup . Crank up subdivisions so that displacement has geometry to play with and It works only in cycles and not eevee .

SOrry for that much short response i actually wrote a detailed answer but it got lost and its painful to write that much again .


Right on spot . I made kuchikamizake . Its a form of sake made using saliva as a fermentation starter .
The bottle also has red string , which is twisted and tangled . The strings represent time itself , they twist and tangle and takes shape .


Wow making a rope looks so complicated, I never would have guessed. I’ll try taking a better look at what you sent me, but I might need to check Blender Guru’s videos before I hope to understand anything. Thanks!

Dude, this scene was the last thing I wanted to be reminded of before breakfast. Well executed though.

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Condolences… Saw it back in 2003 and it is still seared into my brain :cry:

@Miss_B: It’s objectively a well-made movie and hidden under all the trauma there is a good message… it is just way too heavy and shocking to recommend to anyone. It’s the opposite of a “feel-good movie”.

Here’s my entry! I started working on it yesterday and just couldn’t stop!! :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope you like it. And as always, comments and critics are very welcome!

PS: Does anyone know a good tutorial about remesh / dyntopo or smooth sculpting / fixing irregularities?


This is incredible! Very well executed! I can hear Robin Williams’s voice by just looking at this. You managed to incorporate every little detail about this character. Again, very well done!


Was about to write the same thing. I also hear his voice! :rofl:

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Wow, Geenie would be proud of this work. It looks just like him. I can almost hear his puns, shouted, so that they’d be heard over the fireworks. I like the design of the fireworks by the way, it’s a really nice idea for the background.

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Thanks everyone!! :smiley: For the fireworks I actually followed this tutuorial: (about 9min)
It’s pretty simple and even better looking when moving :wink:


The character course has a dedicated re-topology section (but I’m not there yet). It also has everything else you mentioned. I believe Grant Abbitt’s personal Youtube channel has a couple of free tutorials on re-topology which others have vouched for.

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