The Blender Collab: Week 28 “Will you go to the Ball?”

Cyndy knows perfectly well what she needs to get to that ball:

Of course a dwarven adventurer with experience as woodranger, equipped with a sharp axe and sharper senses, no question. The way to the castle and the ball is long, pumpkins and other rides can break now and then, even a fairy isn’t to trust at all times… but a dwarf will always get you through troubles on your way, even if you do not find the way on your own (maybe in the woods…).
In the backpack is also plenty of space for glassshoes and other stuff Cyndy might need.

… seriously now, who else should drink the two barrles of dwarven ale which were bought for the ball? The prince and half of the castledwellers would probably fall over after one glass…
(thanks to dmfrodol for pointing out to me the obvious about the ale when I wasn’t able to see it myself :smile: )


Looks great to me. It’s creative and transports a mood of fairytale :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


She’ll make it there with this bike, as long as she follows the yellow brick road. Just kidding, nice idea and work :slightly_smiling_face:


this might just counter-influence you, too, so that now you wanna include Cyndy in your game as well, who knows?? :grin: well done scene, I like the tree-top cutting the moon, too, I keep looking at it, & Cindy’s waistband/corset.

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Thank you very much for your kind words! To answer your question: Actually I thought about it the last evening (5 a.m. here at the moment). Seems like a fun crossover to me and dwarven adventurers are usually up to many adventures, not only one :wink:
I had a kind of tough time with the dress, so a corsett seemed to me the best way to break the floral pattern of the fabric - and yes, also because it looks so good on her :smile:


Thank you… Would you like to listen to a song? - It’s a lullaby. - "Everybody are sleeping while a Green Carriage rushes in the heights. There is Spring in the carriage. When we open our eyes and look into the window - there is spring standing in the yard. "


Cinderella can ball, she just needs a little magic to make it to the big dance.

  • Brick, Wood, Leather (for the basketball), and Leaf textures:
  • All other textures procedural.
  • More detailed info in my progress thread (updated 2020-07-27T08:00:00Z)

Wow! This came out great, love the shiny crystal feel you managed to keep in the basketball shoes, a fun idea well executed!


Thanks! I think I violated the “no white or black” limitation in the sparkles, but I thought they were cool.

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:neutral_face: I didn’t even notice that limitation, looks like Cinderella’s gonna get banned for using her grappling hook!

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Well, at least she gets to the ball because of that hook. That’s all she wanted :+1:


This week all participants were very caring and creative fairy godparents! Cool submissions, let’s vote!

There’s only one rule: don’t vote for yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aside from that rule, you can choose the parameter to judge the entries, some possibilities:

  • best embodies the theme
  • most colorful
  • funny
  • technically advanced
  • realistic

The poll will turn into a pumpkin on 2020-07-29T09:59:00Z


I love those old-times bicycles: I’d say the tires look like they’re levitating above the cobble stones, but maybe that’s your choice, appropriate for a fairy tale with Cinderella?


love how the basketball becomes a pumpkin, & vice versa, good job with the sparkle shoes!


This was a tough group to choose from. But I think there were a number of scenes that deserved to win based on different criteria.

My choices based on category are:

Well done all of you!


Very nice entries from all :smiley: I love how different a take everyone had on this, so very creative renders. Enjoy your week all :raised_hands:


Lot’s of great submissions this week, great job guys!


Many creative and interesting works to choose from, oh my… I had a hard time with it and wished a few times I had more than just one voice. Overall I enjoyed the creativity which all of you showed in interpreting the subject. Good luck to all of you :grin:


Many creative renders indeed, loved each one!
My favorite so far is Ducaluk’s works, simply because that joke is brilliant :stuck_out_tongue:
However Best overall is Tyger2’s work, it’s very well done!


Nice job everyone! I really enjoy these challenges every week. Both making things to submit, and seeing the stuff you all come up with.

It’s always tough to pick a favorite. For me it came down to @Blest’s magical carriage scene and @Kelsie_Anderson’s tiara. I ended up voting for @Kelsie_Anderson’s. It’s relatively simple in that it’s just a single element, but it’s elegant and I thought quite pretty. I also like the framing/composition and color palette. The background is just a plane, but it has a color gradient and just a touch of reflection. :+1:

Here’s some other random feedback:


@Blest Another really nice scene. Very imaginative and detailed. The visual style also feels like a storybook/fantasy. Great colors. So many nice models but for some reason the clouds stand out to me! I like them. My only criticism is some of the horses (especially the one closest the carriage) seem to be standing rather than running/flying. I think a slight change of leg pose might do the trick.


@NP5 It is a cool idea. It feels like it’s being watched by a wicked witch in her crystal ball. That is a cool asset that you have now, seems like you could put lots of different things in there if you wanted to! My critique is that the scene is too dark, and the crystal ball seems flat. Brightening up the scene might remedy both by giving the ball some more reflections which would allow us to see the depth. It seems that maybe the ball has some emission, so maybe you could use with a Fresnel node or something to help highlight different areas.


@Capricas_Kirito A cool idea that didn’t quite meet it’s potential, I think. In hindsight, it might be better just to cut the mice completely and just focus on the carriage instead, since the carriage is quite cool! Or maybe just submit two images together, one that shows the mice better and one that shows the carriage. I like the… what do you call the things that come out of the top of the pumpkin? I can feel them by looking at them.


@Ethan_Martinez That is a cool grappling hook, and I imagine it would be a great game asset! I don’t quite get the connection to the them though… :thinking:


@Enodes Also interesting. I know the princess and the pea story, but I don’t quite get what the machine does.


@Sabet It’s a nice looking ring. I think the shininess issue may be a problem of the angle in which the light is reflecting. if you rotated the ring so that the diamonds are where the reflection in the band is, they might shine more.


@dmfrodol I like the masks, but they are a little small in the scene. It would be nice to have them closer to the camera so that we could see them better. The jester is quite good too. Maybe there’s a way to pose/frame the image so that the jester and masks fill more of the frame.

Sorry if I missed yours. I enjoyed them all, though!


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