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I’m Chris, I’m from Montana.
I’m in the Unity, Unreal, and Blender courses, though right now I’m only really working on Unity. I’ll probably start focusing some time on Blender next, and will start the Unreal course when I’m done with those two.

I have a couple ideas for games I want to make, and I know the Unity course will help me make those ideas a reality.

As for my aspirations? Since becoming a famous gamedev, and getting all the money, glory, and women that come with such a mighty feat is probably a little unrealistic, I mostly just want to learn how to make video games, and make a few fun games to make a little extra income.


Hey Chris, great to hear from you. Would be great to get a profile photo for you?

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Hi, I’m Stephen.
I live in the north east of England.
I’m enrolled on the Blender course, the Unity course, the Physics course, the VR course, and the Unreal course.
I’m not on the Unity Certification course yet, but I’m not sure if I’ll even need it since I’m a solo hobbyist with no game dev career goals.
Everything I want to achieve is for fun and my own satisfaction. I have no intention of turning my hobby into work.
I have several ideas for games I’d like to make, and being a solo hobbyist I expect it to take me a long long time to see any of them all the way haha. I know I need to strip some ideas back to their simplest form and start from there if I’m ever going to get anywhere with them. That can be challenging.
I’m from a more art based background but very interested in coding. I’ll probably struggle most when it comes to music and sounds for my creations.

As well as many many other Udemy courses, I’m also on a couple of Benjamin ‘Heartbeast’ Anderson’s for Gamemaker and pixel art. I’m sure I’ve seen him floating around in the vicinity of these courses. Hi Benjamin haha.

You may have guessed, I tend to bite off more than I can chew haha.


Hi everyone,

I’m Chris too (so many Chris around here :stuck_out_tongue: ) from Singapore

I am in both Unity & Unreal course, VR and Blender modeling.

I am a multimedia designer, try to learn more on game development (from 2d, code language, animation, 3d modeling, game logic, VFX). Glad I found Ben Unity course on Udemy. then I join kickstarter on Unreal course + VR. So here I am.

I also have some practice on construct 2, Clickteam Fusion, Leadwerks, GameMaker Studio, rpg maker and so on…

all I want is I want created the game the way I want it to be :smiley:

going to learn more and more from this community, thanks Ben.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Marc and i live in South of England.
I am enrolled on the Blender course (Completed), Unity course (Completed), Physics course, Unreal course and VR courses.
I havent got the certification course as of yet as i am leaning more towards the unreal engine over unity because of my game development ideas.

I have three end goals but they will take time.

  1. Create a Game based on Building Escape that allows an immersive experience which i can later convert to a VR experience. This was already in planning as i have a friend who does a stream on Fridays called “Frightful Friday” and so the goal is to scare him beyond what he has experienced before. (Got to love test subjects)

  2. Create an MMORPG/FPS using Battle tanka s a model but not sure on where i will go with this one yet. To Be Decided

  3. Create a full funtional MMORPG with quest dialogues etc, This is th elongest term project due to its size but to give a rough idea of my goals check out Rappelz. My idea is to similar to what they did but without screwing the player base over when losing players. (They decided that after taking 3 years to get to level 100 to create a quest that mean people could get boosted from 1-100 in 3 days).

I hope in the future to become better at modelling characters but i think i need revisit blender or a new course for that. Texturing is something i really need to leanr as well as i have zero experience in making textures etc.

So pretty much like @Stephen i like biting off more than i can chew but for me at this stage at least its about the journey not the end product.


Hi guys,
My name is Gary and I am a computer science student studying at university. I am doing the Unreal Engine course to improve my C++ and get back into using UE4. I started using the UE4 about 18 months ago (back when it was at version 5), but had to stop when I started uni. I have a few weeks off until next semester starts and want to invest the bulk of my free time into re-familiarising myself with the new incarnation of the game engine. It would be nice to get to a point where I can make android games to possibly supplement my income while I’m studying. I’d rather be earning a extra cash doing something related to my chosen field, than spending all my working hours at a supermarket (which is what I currently do).
I would like to get into VR, but have run into obstacles with UE4 at the moment. Hopefully I can get by them soon.
While I’m majoring in Computer Science at uni, I plan on minoring in Intelligent Systems (which is to do with AI and machine learning) and Discrete Mathematics.


Welcome! Fantastic to have you here.



I’m Tahir and I’m from Pakistan.

Enrolled in Unity, Blender & Game Physics courses.

I’m currently concentrating on Unity and then will switch over to Blender & Game Physics.

Just started Brick Breaker section & so far really enjoyed it.

Looking forward for the community members for their valuable help & suggestions.

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A warm welcome to you sir.


Karsten / Cala from Germany.

I am a Developer learning GameDev after 20 years being a normal business dev, connecting with like-minded people.
Backed your Unreal Kickstarter with the advanced access to your other courses.

The new UE4 course and Mikes Blender course have been a huge help already!


Hi all, I’m Cam.

I have a pretty broad background. I’ve been a designer in a corporate branding agency, an animator for a TV show and up until recently a UX/UI designer for the iOS app Procreate. I also used to draw a lot, but haven’t done as much since having to work full time. :frowning:

My burning passion is game dev and I hope to be able to work less and less in a “rat race” job so I can have a job I truly enjoy. To get there, I’ve been teaching myself to program through Ben’s courses. I’m wildly lacking confidence in my abilities as a programmer (it’s still early days though) and there just aren’t enough hours in a day to learn this stuff! If only I could afford to do these courses all day instead of working…

I’m 100% on the Complete Unity Developer course, 87% on the VR course, 53% on Brice’s (unfortunate) “Proc Gen” course and 37% on Ben’s Physics course (I gave up, I’m too dense for that!). I’ve also got Mikey’s Blender course waiting in the wings, and I’d love to get to it but I know if I stop learning to program it’s going to vanish from my tiny brain quicker than it went in.

I’ve just signed up for the Game Jam for first timers on I know I’m going to fail at it, but I need to take that first step and it’ll be a great learning experience if I can keep doing them.

Thanks and good luck everyone!



Hi all i’m Paolo from Italy

I’m on the UE4 course. I’m actually studying computer science at university but i can’t wait to make my own games.



I’m Tej, I’ve post mainly on the Q&As of the courses. Started on the Unity Developer but suddenly have an interest in Android VR, so currently doing the VR Unity course but I enrolled on Blender, Unreal and Physics too for future…step by step!

I was born in London, lived in London…still in London…no escape, I am so Londonised.

I loved programming weird BASIC on my spectrum 48k+, then moved onto school/uni projects in Pascal and C++. So guess my age…on second thoughts…dont!

I had since become an assistant accountant then an IT systems manager (primarily focussing on the awful AS400 system for far too long). Got fed up with the IT world where everything revolved around politics and boring modular teamwork. I wanted hands on work, I want to love my work and I want to be in control. So naturally my next step was to become…a Sports fitness instructor and fitness coach, that is my living and is totally relevant for my joining this group :wink:

But Programming was always a first love and I see we have now come back to the old era where solo programmers can enjoy creating an app or game in their bedroom like they did in the Spectrum/Commodore/BBC Micro days and either share or even make money out of doing so. I always love that self serving romanticism. So that’s why I am returning to this world that was my first love and being on Ben’s Unity programming courses.

But boy, has programming changed…objects, methods and classes oh my. Objects, methods and classes oh my!
Thankfully, I am grasping it all, thanks to the awesome teaching methods of Ben, Sam and Brice. A lot to learn but so far having a lot of fun getting back into this. I have game ideas I want to develop once I have the knowledge to implement. Most of my ideas are logic solving which I think I can just develop straight away now giving the Unity knoloedge I have gained so far but I also have a few VR action game/app ideas I’d like to develop too and no doubt I’ll think of more as I progress more on the courses.

I’ll be honest…I dont know whether to post here, facebook, or Q&A but personally, I always feel a forum is the best place to be as its more structured, clean and very searchable. Facebook has no structure. Its a place of fleeting moments that come and go, like uh tears in rain.

So that’s me in a nutshell. (interests: Cinema (including VR Cinema!), narratively enriched PC games, logic solving games on android and Iphone, sports and fitness…that last is relevant actually as a couple of game ideas is a sports game!

“see” you guys around the forum!



I’m Nagy Máté Kálmán from Hungary, I currently work as a R&D Engineer at a big Software Company.

I’m currently on the Unreal Course, and bought the Blender Course too :slight_smile:
I really enjoy the course, I think it’s fairly well made for most skill levels.

I have a couple of ideas what I would like to see as a game, as there are some game theme’s that I do not see very much. (Or not at all!)
As for aspirations, I hope to be a versatilist in software engineering and I think game development is the perfect place for that skill set to learn. Plus I’ve always wanted to be a game developer. At the bare minimum as a hobbyist. So far I have lived my fantasy in Dungeons and Dragons DMing :smiley:

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Hello everyone! I’m Rich, from Hampshire, UK.

I’m on the Unity course, the Unreal course, and the Blender course. I’m currently at varying levels on each one. The biggest challenge for me is having enough spare time to work on them!

Enjoying them all immensely - it’s a great way to learn. This forum looks like a good resource too in time.

As for aspirations - I’m doing all this for personal development rather than because I have any great ideas for games, but you never know - inspiration may strike at any moment.

All the best,


(and the game physics course and Michael’s sketch-up course!)

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Great to have you here

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Hey, there.

I live in the United States in the state of confusion.

I’m on the Blender course, the Unreal course, the Unity course and the Physics course as well lol.

I aspire to be a designer, more proficient at game graphics than coding, which is mostly why I currently am enrolled in your courses, because I know I won’t be able to learn how to put these skills to use in an independant setting without knowing more than just how to come up with ideas and graphics :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great courses!

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