Text is blurry



Hey there, new course member here.

Not sure what the problem is, and I think text scaling is not fixing the issue but my text in general is always blurry and barely readable. Any ideas what might be the problem? I’ve yet to find a fix.

I copied some of the text from the original course as an example.

And here’s a rar file of the whole folder. Thank you in advance.


EDIT: Maybe I should try to use text mesh pro for this and find myself a font? Maybe that would fix it, I haven’t tried for now.


Hi Naif,

Can you select your UI Text GameObject and take a screenshot which displays the Inspector please.


Is that alright?



So you currently have a tiny font size of 6 points, but then are scaling the UI Text object by 4.36 on the X axis and 6.53 on the Y axis. This is very likely going to be your issue. Aside from the non-uniform scaling, why scale at all with a tiny font size? Why not just increase the font size?

Try changing your Rect Transforms scale to 1, 1, 1 and then increase the Font Size to say 20 and see how that looks. If it’s still too small, increase the font size again, be wary of making it so big it pushes your text off of the bottom of the visible area.

As a minor thing to check, have a look at the top of the Game view and make sure you haven’t scaled there also, I don’t think you have, but worth checking.


Alright I’ll go through it and see if it fixes it. Thank you.


Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

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Use the TextMeshPro plugin, the text is crisp no matter what the font size is, this is how I fixed blurry text on my project :wink:


@Stio, is this problem resolved now?

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