Terminal doesn't show "Build Finished Successfully" when I compile

Hey, when I compile my code. It isn’t showing me that my build finished successfully, but it doesn’t saw it failed either and when I run the code, it works fine. When I get an error, it will tell me.

Instead of it saying that my Build Finished Successfully, I get this weird message instead and I think it has to do with Raylib.

It has to do with either the compiler used (MingW) or with the terminal used (sometimes it’s Powershell, Command Prompt, or Terminal. Depending on your operating system).

While we don’t know why Stephen has his state that the build is successful, getting the message you received means your build is successful. Keep in mind that errors are the only case that will fail a build, and sometimes you’ll get messages that are warnings instead.

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Thank you, that makes a bit more sense now. Glad there wasn’t sometime overly wrong.

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