Temporaily paused

As Brian’s advice has been accurate so far, I am pausing here to make sure the errors I have in the earlier parts of the course are resolved. I have been able to follow more or less adequately, but I can’t make progress until I know I’m on the right track.

Going to be blunt with you. After reading your questions upon questions, I hate to say this to students, but don’t think you’re on the right track. I think there’s a chance you’re actually getting worse.

How then do I get on the right track?

I’m receiving a lot of conflicting information from people (including my roommate, who codes professionally) so I am not sure what to do here.

I suspect the code of it is you see your abilities as greater than they actually are.

Try making a game right now. Make it a small, simple game on your own. Make it have a few scenes/levels. If you understand the material from the 2d/3d/rpg courses, this shouldn’t take more than a few days.

What you come up with as a small game will be a decent indication of where you are in all this.

Come back and post your code (post your code, even if you give up) after you’ve done this.

While I am taking a break and working on hybridizing a game, I will eventually come back to this course and want to pick up from here.

I need to take care of my health first as well as I have a cold that has lingered on for more than a month.

Definitely get your health taken care of!

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