Tank Goes Swirling Crazy (Version 4.14.2)

I tried every configuration even copied the blueprint but still my tank swirls like crazy like in the video below.


Force can be applied but the tank kicks back when I shoot projectiles and starts rotating. What should I change?

Could you reduce the mass of the projectile? That should keep Newton’s Third Law from having such a strong effect on the tank. The default mass is based on its beach ball size, and it’s like a solid metal beach ball weight.

I tried messing with the projectile properties as am having a similar issue. from what i can tell however its something to do with the tank itself. fiddling with the angular and linear damping helps resolve the issue, but causes others. for example when coming down a hill it takes far too long to fall down

your problem is may be in Socket location. Barrel Socket location is very close Tanks body, therefor projectile collision and Tanks body collision interact each other and gets the effect that projectile hit your tank. put Socket location in front of Barrel and I think problem will be solved

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