T-Cell - New Primitive Shape (Godot Version)

I’m starting a Project Boost project from scratch after abandoning the Unity version :penguin:
For now, I find Godot much more fun and intuitive to use, even if I’m not familiar with all the tricks and features yet :blush:

The previous design of the main character was quite unpersonal: an organic ship with a hidden pilot :robot:

In the spirit of my main inspiration, I plan to create a more funny and fluffy character here :unicorn: With emoji faces like the robot in Moon movie if you a the reference :nerd_face:

I need more practice with Godot’s primitive shapes but I already love the tools available. And nodes, oh goddess: nodes… :heart_eyes:


I get it the redesign of the character.

The problem is using only the basic 3D geometry shapes in Godot might not satisfy your vision from paper to 3D Model of the character and the only solution is to have some knowledge of Blender.

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