Suspension On Kinematic Vehicle

Hi @sampattuzzi

I Have A Question On The Kinametic Vehicle, However The Movement And Steer Are So Smooth On “Krazy Karts” , But How To Actually Simulate Suspension?


Sam is off doing other things and has been for a while now.

To do this, you need to use a different model type for the car. There is a more complicated car type, and in fact the only car type in UE5 that has independent wheels. It becomes a lot more complicated because the physics of the car is very different in this situation.

This is beyond my knowledge as typically I focus on 3rd person or first person scenarios myself.

You could ask over on the discord to see if anyone can offer advice which would be my first suggestion.

At a guess, instead of just tracking the car velocity, you’d probably also need to track rotation speeds of the wheels as well as their turn angles for front wheels anyway, and possibly the yaw, pitch and roll of the car body and maybe the z axis of the body too to account for the sprint in the suspension. You may also need to handle this for individual wheels too to handpe when you go over something with just the front wheel for example.

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