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To the kind and loving GameDev TV staff - I thought it would be easier for your students to do this:

 "M:\UnrealEngine\UE_5.0\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEditor.exe" "M:\UnrealEngineProjects\PuzzlePlatforms\PuzzlePlatforms.uproject" "M:\UnrealEngineProjects\PuzzlePlatforms\Content\ThirdPerson\Maps\ThirdPersonMap" -server -log

rather than what was shown in the video:

"M:\UnrealEngine\UE_5.0\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UnrealEditor.exe" "M:\UnrealEngineProjects\PuzzlePlatforms\PuzzlePlatforms.uproject" /Game/ThirdPerson/Maps/ThirdPersonMap -server -log

I’ve specified the entire path to the map because its confusing to student having to:

  • Change the direction of the slashes
  • Utilise the somewhat arbitrary ‘Game’ path substitute

Note: For my version of unreal: 5.03

  • I was able to avoid using the ‘?listen’ parameter
  • The server did not create it’s own player
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Thanks for the suggestion Timothy.

Generally, changes are not made unless there is something seriously breaking the course as even the smallest of changes can take a while to get edited in and approved. The course is also not for UE5 specifically, although the course works fine with it just fine (I tested it myself) but was created for UE4 originally. The changes in UE5 are basically the same as UE4.27 - nothing major.

As for the changing the slash direction, UE uses / and not \ when specifying resource paths and the paths are relative, not absolute. You shouldn’t have a drive letter there and in fact should specify the resource folder path where /Game is needed and then the folder path is that which is shown in the content browser - it definitely should not be the physical file path within Windows Explorer. The reason for this this applies regardless of OS - so MacOs and Linux too. Again, another reason for not updating the video.

I hope this clarifies why it is done this way and not as you suggest - your suggestion only works on Windows OSes.

Please refer to the docs on command-line: Command-Line Arguments | Unreal Engine Documentation

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Thanks! Well said!

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