Styling EditableText in 5.0.1, background options not working?

I’m using Unreal 5.0.1 and the Details panel for EditableText is a bit different. It says “Appearance” instead of “Style” and there are only two background options for “Background Image Selected” and “Background Image Composing” (neither of which do anything). Also, font size has no effect unless I hit Compile. I’ve tried restarting the editor, and it’s still the same.

I was able to wrap EditableText with an Overlay and then add background image that way, but then I don’t get options to toggle background based on state.

Was this an intentional change on Unreal’s part? Is anyone else seeing same issues with EditableText? I’ve been able to follow along with rest of UI tutorial, but styling on EditableText not working for me.

I figured it out… I was using something called EditableText which was the only control with “Editable” in name within my Palette. I flipped over to Library (tab to the right) and found the control that was actually EditableTextBox (which is the one used in the course). That had all the expected options for styling with a background and padding.

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I did the same thing when I first went through the course. It’s an easy mistake to fix and am glad you figured it out.

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