Stuck while doing animations

Is there any chance that are some animations thar are just stucking the player because i am using the punch animations from mixamo and is just stucking on place and does not moving forward like in the video while using attacking aniamtions with sword.
Update:I found that actually after doing the combo it is not going back in idle state but if i just do the first atack from 2 elemnts combo is going in idle and what is strange after is going back it is increasing the position so my player is moving even it is in idle.

Update 2 : The problem was that when i was experimanting with animations i forgot to add attack tag to one of them

Update 3: The problem i do not know why is that force is applied after the animation is terminated and it did not ends so i move infinite even if i do not press anything.

Update 4: The problem was drag , it was setted too much , now the proble mwith animations still persists the force is applied only after animations finish

There are two possibilities that spring to mind…

  • The attack.ForceTime is too large (should be between 0 and 1)
  • You’re not calling Move(deltaTime) at the beginning of Attack.Tick()

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