Strange problem with Timestamp float in Move struct

Hello all,

I had a problem where my TimeStamp float in my Move struct was always zero when comparing it in the for loop. I debugged for a long time trying to figure out why.

The solution ended up being to delete the intermediate and binaries folders.

I just though I would share in case anyone else runs into the same headache I had.

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Getting the same issue. However deleting those folders and then rebuilding didn’t fix it.

Hi David,
Can you share your code so I can have a look? I saw someone else with the same issue but I completed this part myself recently and it was fine with 4.26


That might of have been too: Queue Constantly Increasing

Wasn’t aware it was the same issue to begin with. My code is the same as the repository’s: 19 Unacknowledged Move Queue · UnrealMultiplayer/4_Krazy_Karts@c97901c · GitHub

If you take down the github it does work - try that yourself.

This points to a difference in the code. It may be from an earlier video.

Maybe a bit late ,but I had the same issue. We both forgot UPROPERTY() above FGoKartMove LastMove; in the Header file.

Then I deleted the intermediate and binaries folders and it worked again for me.


Thank you!

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Thanks Romain!

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