Steamworks Example VS2022

Do I really need to download vs2019 to run the Spacewar?
If the answer is NO, how can I make it work in VS2022.

Now when I double click the SteamworksExample.sln I have this error:

Carry on with the course and circle back to this. I’ll take a look when I can and get back to you.

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Thank you!

Ok. I managed to get a look - sorry about the delay in this.

I had v1.53a on my PC so used that. I launched studio 2022 and opened the solution within the examples folder which prompted me to convert the solution. I then was able to build it without any modifications. It also ran and functioned as expected.

I do know the version linked to within the lecture can be problematic (was designed for studio 2010 and used an outdated DirectX library) so it is best to get the latest version which was massively improved lately.

The key thing here is to open Studio 2022 and perform the Open Project or Solution - this will let it convert. You definitely do not need studio 2019 to build and run the solution - in fact the latest version, I believe, it was designed for 2015 but now upgrades quite nicely.

I still get the wildcard error and cant open the file

did you open the solution file or the vcxproj. The file should be in sdk\steamworksexample and is SteamworksExample.sln

I’m facing the same error in both VS2022 and VS2019

Which version of steamworks are you using?
Also, did you open the solution file and not the vcxproj file?

Same error occurred for me using VS 2022 (17.2.5) and Steamworks SDK 1.54.

What worked for me was using Steamworks SDK 1.53a (, which immediately prompted me to update the project when opening the .sln file.


Ok, it appears as if there are actual issues with the VCXPROJ. I recommend downloading the 1.53a version for all as 1.54 just doesn’t work

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