Steam User Names in the Main Menu Lobby?


I think this lecture might be the last one, so I wanted to post a topic that mentioned the Steam User Names for the Main Menu Lobby. I thought you mentioned we were going to add these to our lobby?

If not, I’ll try to post a solution for anyone interested!


so i gave it the old college try, but it always just uses the steam user name of the host. so, in other words, when i host a game, it shows my username as the first person in the lobby. and then when a friend joins it shows that his username is my username as well… but this seems to be a little bit in the right direction.

in RTSNetworkManager i created a new event to listen on

public static event Action<RTSPlayer, string> ServerSetPlayerName;

and then in OnServerAddPlayer, i replaced

player.SetDisplayName($"Player {Players.Count}");


ServerSetPlayerName?.Invoke(player, $"Player {Players.Count}");

and then in the MainMenu, in Start, i subscribe with

RTSNetworkManager.ServerSetPlayerName += ServerHandleSetPlayerNameUpdated;

and my ServerHandleSetPlayerNameUpdated method looks like

    private void ServerHandleSetPlayerNameUpdated (RTSPlayer player, string serverDisplayName) {
        if (useSteam) {

let me know if you can figure out how to get the proper steam username…


Yes! I actually found one of the instructor’s videos on it! Here: How To Display Steam Profile Pictures & Names - Unity Multiplayer Tutorial

I believe the line you wrote:


only gets the host’s user name with the function GetPersonaName(). To get the user name of your friends, you need to edit that line to


where steamId is the lobby member’s ID

CSteamID steamId = SteamMatchmaking.GetLobbyMemberByIndex(
   new CSteamID(callback.m_ulSteamIDLobby),
   numPlayers - 1 // this is the lobby ID of your friend, it syncs up with Mirror's lobby member ID
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Yeah I just found that video earlier today!!! Yeah, I see what I was doing wrong. Thanks for the reply!!

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I just wanted to add my solution for anyone else that was curious! I did the same thing as lometur, but through some different code.

I first added a default property at the top RTSNetworkManager.cs

public static ulong LobbyId { get; set; }

This property then allows me to transfer the CSteamID from when the lobby is created inside of MainMenu.cs. Next in MainMenu.cs, I replaced the code inside the OnLobbyCreated(…) method with the following code…

if (callback.m_eResult != EResult.k_EResultOK)

CSteamID lobbyId = new CSteamID(callback.m_ulSteamIDLobby);
RTSNetworkManager.LobbyId = lobbyId.m_SteamID;



Now that RTSNetworkManager.cs has access to the lobby ID, I can simply access its data inside its method OnServerAddPlayer(…)

public override void OnServerAddPlayer(NetworkConnection conn)
   ... // other code

   CSteamID steamId = SteamMatchmaking.GetLobbyMemberByIndex(
      new CSteamID(LobbyId),
      numPlayers - 1

   player.DisplayName = $"{SteamFriends.GetFriendPersonaName(steamId)}";

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