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Hi, when I use subsystem NULL to play in the same computer I am not having any problems. But when I use the STEAM subsystem the create server function delegate always returns succes = false. Is there any way to know more about what is happening ?

The settings for steam are slightly different so you need to ensure that LAN is set to false instead of true, for one. Also, you can only test locally with a single client so you need 2 PCs/laptops to test with 2 unique steam accounts.

If I recall, there’s additional settings needed in your default engine ini file for steam as well which I’m sure you have.

Yes, my code in this part is ( as far as I can see ) the same as the one in the course. I tryed to repeat the part of the engine.ini just to see if there was any problem but I am not reaching a positive response from Steam.

If I have to tell the truth I am totally lost with this issue, does the steam configuration interfere with this kind of things? Having the familly mode activated or this kind of stuff?

That I cannot answer. While I like steam as a gaming platform and even for VR, I find the development using steam to be a bit off and not intuitive. Most issues are usually around the steam settings, firewall and missing just 1 line of code somewhere.

If you want to upload your project here:

I can give it a try and see what we can figure out.

Thanks Brian, I already uploaded my project. Lets see if you find what I am missing :frowning:

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I’ll try get to it today. It could be this evening.

Ok, I thought I had it figured out so this is an edit. I assume you looked at these links. I accidentally downloaded the wrong project :smiley:

2 links from the docs that may be of use in the meantime but given you have the correct configuration, I assume you’ve found at least one of them.

Online Subsystem in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

Online Subsystem Steam Interface in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

@BattleCroissant EDIT with Follow-up.

You never set the map in the source to travel to.
Also, you never set the paths to be packaged - I can only assume you moved the content. The maps therefore were not being packaged into the executable.

This is why the main menu loaded (the default map is always packaged) but the other maps would be excluded from the builds

EDIT 2: I can confirm this works.

UMultiplayerSessionsSubsystem::UMultiplayerSessionsSubsystem() {
	createServerAfterDestroy = false;
	serverNameToFind = "";
	PrintString("MSS Constructor"); 
	mainMapName = "/Game/_CoopAdv/Maps/MainMap";
	mySessionName = FName("Co-op Adventure Session Name");

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