Steam_appid.txt not working for UE5 packaged build

Has anyone else been able to get Steam overlay to show up in a packaged build on UE5?

If I run my game from the command-line using UnrealEditor.exe, I get the Steam overlay. However, the packaged builds don’t show Steam overlay and the logs show that I’m using the NULL OnlineSubsystem. I added steam_appid.txt (480 is the only contents) alongside PuzzlePlatforms.exe in my packaged build (per instructions in the previous lecture), but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

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Figured it out… Went back and reviewed my DefaultEngine.ini. I had neglected to uncomment the following line in my DefaultEngine.ini back when grabbed the values from the Unreal Online Subsystem docs page.


So, if Steam works for you when running via UnrealEditor.exe but doesn’t work when running packaged build, that’s something else to double-check.

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Success! Just reporting back that I finally was able to get two packaged builds on UE5 to connect to one another via Steam!

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