Starting bug

So I have a problem that seems to pop up now and again in that I am getting errors when I run the debug.
I have checked the name of my program and it has .cpp

Please help! If I run the debugger another error shows up.

I have this same issue, this is the error that appears if I click Debug anyway.

Yeah, that’s the same issue. Now how do we fix it?

Just figured out what worked for me, you need to create the .cpp under the “Project” file and not under the .vscode file I circled in red where you should be able to click and then hit the ‘add New File’ button, hopefully this helps you too and makes sense.

Without seeing the exact error in the terminal I can only guess, but I suspect you have two definitions of the main function in your project. One in axe_axe2000.cpp and New.cpp.

Remove one of the definitions and you should be ok.

I commented out New.cpp and it now works fine.

Awesome, glad I could help with finding the solution.

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