Standard Assets problem in 2019.4.16f1 LTS

I’m following the Complete 3D Course and in the Argon Assault section, one of the lectures requires me to import the Utility Package. This is an obsolete package and isn’t available in 2019 (AFAICT). I’ve tried installing the Standard Assets from the Asset Store, but I receive errors when trying to attach the WaypointCircuit script to a gameobject.
Another community post suggested I ignore this lecture as the waypoints would be replaced with a timeline solution, however 2 lectures further on and i’m being asked to install the Cross Platform Input manager that also exists in the Utility package.
Is there any updated guidance regarding which packages can be used as a replacement for these, as it feels like i’m going to have to skip large parts of the course if I can’t get them working.



The CrossPlatformInput manager should be working. If you don’t want to test it, use Unity’s built-in Input class. Whenever Ben or Rick write CrossPlatformInput.Something, you simply write Input.Something. We do not do anything special with the CrossPlatformInputManager, thus you very likely will not notice any difference.

The latest Standard Assets can be found here:

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Thanks Nina. I just continued using Input.


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