Standard Assets for Argon Assault giving errors

Hello Community!

I downloaded the Unity Standard Assets package and I get these errors in the console. Screenshot below. I know there was a discussion and someone shared a solution for the exact same error. Unfortunately, the solution was a Udemy link and I can’t open it since I purchased the course from the

Can someone please help?

Hi Torsum,

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Which assets did you install? Please make sure that you only install the assets we need, not all assets from the Standard Assets package. A few assets are not compatible with newer versions of Unity.

If the Circuit asset is causing too much trouble, I would suggest to remove it. Watch the video without implementing the Circuit in your project. It’s just that one lecture. In a later lecture, Rick is going to replace the waypoints with a Timeline animation, so you will not miss anything crucial.

Hopefully, this helped. :slight_smile:

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Hi Nina

Ive found the solution here -

Thank you so much

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