SpringArm Location/Rotation does not Follow Root (Not A Duplicate)

TLDR: Delete all instances of BP_PawnTank from your Outliner (editor world). Drag in a new instance of BP_PawnTank from your content browser and hopefully VOILA! If doesn’t work try a VSCode “ToonTanksEditor Win64 Development Build” with the editor closed. That’s all I got. Best of luck!

Hi I am using Unreal Engine 5, I am chugging away at the UE5 Course and am tackling ToonTanks right now. However, whenever I move my BP_PawnTank the springarm & camera do not move, but stay in the default position. I CAN edit both of them fully, differing from the other post on here (SpringArm Location/Rotation does not Follow Parent)!

I even move my BP_PawnTank to a corner, but my preview window still shows the camera in the same position as where my BP_PawnTank originally was. At first, I thought it was somehow inheriting a world location or being overridden by the default GameMode (at this point World Setting is also showing None for GameMode Override). I created my own GameMode to edit the default pawn, but still not luck moving the camera.

With my BP_PawnTank still in the window sitting on the map, I set World Setting GameMode Override to my BP_GameModeBase (my custom GameMode with my pawn set as BP_PawnTank). Still no luck moving the springarm/camera. I then deleted my BP_PawnTank in my world and hit play…VOILA! A instance of my BP_PawnTank was placed into the world WITH camera movement.

I then set my World Settings Override back to None and dropped in a BP_PawnTank from the content drawer and VOILA! Still working with the camera. Guess it was bug because I “ToonTanksEditor Win64 Development Build” (also Rebuild) my project in VSCODE like 6 times before this closing the editor each time.

Thought it was worth sharing since the solution was different in the other post and this one keeps you in line with the tutorial videos.

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