Spooky tunnel

Second attempt.

Instead of a rectangular hallway, I’ve chosen a tunnel.
Trying to get a nice light reflection effect.
But it’s still a hard subject.

270K verts, particles, volumetric, Cycles, render time 2:30H

First attempt:


I like the grating and daylight coming in. Picking out some ‘fog’.
I know sewers were brick built all round like that but something is unconvincing I can not quite get what.

It may be that they are too rough like stone blocks. If you google brick sewers you may get some ideas.

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Oddly reminds me of the Amnesia game for some reason. It’s been so long since I played it. :blush:

If I can critique, it’ll be that the tunnel looks too smooth and polished.

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Yes, you are right. They are street cobble stones. Couldn’t get (that easily) free materials with bump, normal, etc. maps, of my liking’s.
As a brick laying technique, it is very, very bad … but we need to start somewhere … maybe version three … But I find this “Spooky tunnel” a difficult subject. Ton’s of lighting problems, and Cycles render times. If you do three minutes, with de-noiser on, everything gets fuzzy.
Also the water started simple, but more and more nodes and parameters to try. I wanted some 3D swirl effect …

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You’re absolutely right. How to create rubbish in a simple matter. Like waste paper, boxes, wood, etc. Nothing seems right …

In the ceiling there are two bricks sticking out, you can see them because of the shadows.
There is also one place in the wall, where a brick is missing. But because it’s dark, you can’t see it. But making it bigger, then it would probably show a lot of fallen sand, rocks , stones … But even then, you need something to emit light on it.
I was thinking of a searchlight, like in a third person shooter. But now, when I’m writing this down, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Showing a gun, makes its spookier. Why do you bring a gun in a tunnel … It’s also a good story.

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guns in a tunnel sound a lot more like resident evil. If i may critique, sewer water too clean. It should be murkier. Outlast sewer might gives good reference hopefully if you are looking for spooky vibes.

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The graphics are nice, but maybe It needs to be more darker to be more Spookier, to give the feeling of fear, like the forest in the SlenderMan game, you know?

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