Spooky corridor try out

I wanted to give it a try on the Spooky corridor challenge.
But I find it hard to do.
Bad lighting conditions involve many Cycles-engine renders.
With too few samples the denoiser will also smooth-out the texture details.
I wanted to do fog, but fog in Eevee looks different in Cycles.
Hard to do on a slow machine.

Eevee sample, with fog.

But you lose details

A Cycles version, no fog.

But I couldn’t get good ‘Spooky’ lighting conditions, too many light spots.

Cycles with fog

Maybe, the fog randomness is too low. The fog blocks the door details.
And I had many tryouts to add light rays from the door opening, but I failed to have a reasonable outcome.

Also, I didn’t like the composition.
How to make a concrete corridor filled with details and interesting to watch.
I thought to do it with lighting effects and fog.
I could add clutter, but then what’s the story behind it?
Maybe concrete isn’t that interesting to use.
Still, it was a good challenge.
A lot of material node configurations, and texture (dirt) painting on those materials.

Have fun!


Perhaps a ‘fog’ that is only low to the ground, emanating from the spilt liquid?
Hard to know what to do but the liquid looks too thick on the ground, like it is mercury or something, too pulled together.
I see that fire extinguisher! :grinning:
The concrete, or the walls could be different at the moment they look the same, walls may have been painted or had stains. Yes some other clutter, tin can discarded, odd paper waste.

The long liquid run off and round the corner makes no real sense.

How about footprints of a rat entering the puddle (after coming through a smaller patch it crossed, but then the human ones only leaving the big main puddle?

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I like the footsteps, they give some story to the view. But they are also wrong in the sense that the puddle is too small. You will step over it. Or just one-half foot. I wanted to achieve nice light reflections. But for that to happen the angle between the camera, objects, and light is wrong.

  • Yes, the puddle is too thick. Didn’t see that
  • Fog is a difficult thing for me. And thought to do it on ground level, which makes it even harder. Basically, I dropped the fog idea.
  • I painted stains, but hard to see (or too few).
    The right wall does have a big water, dirt stain. Designed to be wet and reflective. But it doesn’t show. It has to do with the placement of lights and reflection angles.
  • The long liquid run-off, is an attempt to introduce the right corner. Adding more playful light.
  • I like the rat idea, but for that, I think I need more clutter and dirt.

In general, I think the scene is too clean. How spooky can a corridor be, well-lit, clean, nice, and tidy …

Looking back, when spooky lighting is the main idea. I need to set up basic lighting and a camera. Make the walls, floor, and ceiling fully reflective. And see where the reflective spots are. And according to that information, add the asset details. Now it was a guessing game.

New attempt. More attention to reflections.

A second try on this tunnel project

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