I wonder if someone could share a thought with me?

These sprite are blowing my mind…

I purchased the SPA and tried to use its spikes…
The issue I am facing is the size of these sprites… in relation to the tile maps we created.

It seems to me that I would want to use the same size sprites on all my tile maps
32x32 seems to be ours… ?? for things we want to draw.

So, Bottom line
Should I use the same size sprites for my tiles?

Can i create my own png file and then use it?


Hi Steve,

Ideally, all your sprites have the same pixel dimensions.

However, if one of them does not have the same size, change its Pixels Per Unit (PPU) value in the Texture Import Settings. At the moment, our sprites are 1 World Unit (WU) wide. We achieved this by setting the PPU to the width in pixel. For instance, if our sprite was 200 pixels wide, we would set its PPU to 200 to make it the same size as our other tiles.

Wether this looks good, is something you will have to test. Sometimes, the sprites look horrible if they are scaled down by Unity. In that case, I’d recommend to duplicate the sprites and edit the size of the duplicates in Blender or Photoshop.

In the end, there is no universal solution, so testing is key. Test und tweak values until you are happy with the look of your game.

Did this help?

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I am trying to get a better handle on this size thing as sprites seem to be a png file?
a collection of images within a png file that can be sliced using sprite editor?

In our class what is our WorldUnit(WU)
is it 32x32?
For example what size png should I create to fill one tile? and how can I set that?




This one fits our tiles just right at 32 Pixels per Unit
So How do I control the size of our Tiles?
again thanks

I still can not seem to control the size of the grid in the tile pallette after creating tiles from the paid for SPA???

All my tiles look weird in the Tile Palette…

Google (I seem to have googled all I know to google)
What would be a good google for this?

PS: Seems as if I need to learn how to size sprites to put into the tile Pallette?


A sprite sheet is usually more performant than single sprites because Unity would have to load one texture only instead of multiple ones.

For your sprite (32 px wide) set the PPU to 32 to make Unity “squeeze” the sprite into one of the grid tiles.

Not sure what you mean by “weird” but make sure that the Texture Mode is set to “Sprite (2D and UI)” in the Texture Import Settings. And click on “Apply”.