Space Shooter - alien spawning and pathfinding like the pros?

So just finished up the 2d course again after several years… loving all of it but the laser defender has been real fun… however, i recently stumbled upon this ridiculously awesome shooter in the link below. AND NOW, I want to try and learn some of these top tier shooter techniques.
First off… ( maybe this is too advanced to start with ) but the waves on this game are so insanely intricate and deep… how do they even do super long wave pathfinding like this? With occasional dropdowns, etc etc?


Theoretically, you should be able to use Gary’s concept to recreate those paths. If the enemies are supposed to wait, you could edit the code accordingly. If you completed the Unity 2D course, you have the relevant knowledge.

The best would be to start with one simple modification. Once that works, you add the next one. And so on. This way, your game will become more complex. Don’t try to realise all ideas at once because it is easy to get lost.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students over on our Discord chat server.

I hope this helped. :slight_smile:

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