Something about raylib converting to 32 bits for some reason?

Hello! I am terribly terrible at solving this. After scouring the internet for clues, when I had thought I fixed one problem, another comes up. The latest one has stumped me as for now and I was wondering if anyone knew the solution? From what I had gathered, Raylib would convert to 32 bits when I have 64bit platform running which becomes incompatible when running a build. There are forums telling me to switch to Winlibs or something else and working from there, but I feel like I am already being stretched a little as this is my introduction to coding in the first place…

Ok sike, couple seconds after writing the paragraph above, I had remembered another solution to a problem I didn’t have before and tried it out. I ran a task for gcc.exe manually and I guess it pathed into the right folder? Not sure what just happened. I’m going to pat myself on the back in confusion and put this up anyway so someone can give me an explanation. :slight_smile:

That’s really odd, our template shouldn’t be going to 32-bit at all. And compiling via gcc.exe manually should be producing an error.

Do you have other compiler setups?

Perhaps, I did a couple things in my adventure to adverting my introductory crisis. I had downloaded a 3.7V of Raylibs. Though I still had some problems I didn’t find the answers for on the forum. Maybe it’s because I had version 5.0 of Raylibs and it messed with me a little. Oh well, I will come back if any other problems portal their way into my code!

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