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Hi all - I came across an issue with my program in this video and I was convinced I was doing something silly but couldnt see what it was.

It occured to me I often fix issues when i’m askign for help, so instead of spending time explaining my problem in the forums I instead screenshotted all the key parts of my issue and pasted them into one document so i could easily scan back and forth over my setup.

Nearly instantly I saw the issue - i’d made a typo (twice).

So going forward i’m going to continue to use the fancy snippy keybaord shortcut in windows. (windowskey+shift+s) and then paste that into a document and review.

Below is literally all I did to figure it out:

Cant see input axis values change when pressign w and s




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I know this is old, but it could be useful for someone else.
You’ve made a typo.
You wrote “MoveFoward” instead of “MoveForward” on line 23.

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I’m sure some folks might feel weird or bad about asking for assistance and then solving the problem themselves, but I think that we’ve all done it at one time or another.

I’ve felt silly about posting my own problems in here, then solving them, but I’ve realized a couple of things.

  1. When I’m writing the problem out, I’m actually doing my own code review before anyone else gets a chance to see it, ESPECIALLY when I proofread my text for grammatical errors and misspellings.
  2. In a community this big, someone else has had the same issue, or someone will have the same issue. In the case of the latter, the post will likely help them get back on track faster.

I like that you did your due diligence in solving the issue. Believe it or not, you finding a typo in your code will help other people learn how to find typos in their code, too. People often check the posts to see if anyone has had a similar issue.

One thing that will help everyone in here is if, instead of using screen-grabs, if you would please format your code as explained in this article to make it easier for people to read:

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Thanks mate - I appreciate your insight!

Ah yes indeedy regarding codeblocks - i’ve bookmarked that link you provided and i’ll do that.

I want to encourage people to try screenshotting as a troubleshooting tool for themselves (as opposed to using it to ask for help)- and yes any tips on how best to post questions here in the forums is worth a mention. (I’m still trying to improve my question posting skills lol)

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We’re all learning every day, no worries!

Yes, I agree, the best way to learn is to solve one’s own problems, but sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we can’t tell if it is a typo or a misunderstanding of a concept.

Then again, sometimes we see something when we screenshot an error message that we didn’t see before. Even posting the screenshot and proofreading our posts will often help us catch our own mistakes, if the issue is something like a typo.

I dunno, something about reading it in a different context seems to help.

On a different note, the code formatting really helps because many people look at this site on a mobile device and the screenshots of code don’t translate well. The ``` formatting really helps make the code more accessible to everyone…but no worries, it took me several months to figure it out myself.

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