[Solved]Walking through rocks fix?

Hi Class, I added some materials to the scene but I’m using SM_Rocks for static mesh material. I notice I can walk through them how can I fix to walk on top of them? images below: Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

What collision profile is it using?

Hi Dan, These are the settings I’m using with the collision option in the image below: I tried using “block all” setting but doesn’t work for highlighted rock in the scene: if this is what you mean

That is what I mean, what about your character’s collision capsule?

Not sure what to change in this setting but this is what I have now in the image below:

Hi Dan did you need any other info from my last post?

Do the static meshes themselves have collision?

I did checked that before and that is what I think is the issue they don’t have collisions nor option to add…

these are the only options below in the image:

Open it in the static mesh editor.

I got it I used blueprint settings added a Block_Volume StaticMesh and it worked is this correct?

I was actually trying to guide you to this in the static mesh editor

And then if it doesn’t have simple collision, add it via the collision menu in the top left

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Will look for and try it :slight_smile:

Hi Dan, is either way Okay? I found the way you wanted me to get it done originally

Clicking that should show if it has simple collision or not. If there is no simple collision you can generate one from the Collision menu.

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Thank you

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