(Solved) Sprites visible in scene view but not in game

Hi guys!
Am trying to theme my game to make it more fun (this is my second attempt at laser defender). But the weird thing is: when I drag .png files onto the menu screen they’re visible and editable in scene view, but the camera seems to ignore them.
A similar thing happened with the last game, but that time I just gave up.
Any ideas why this is happening?
(Screenshot shown in 3D view to demonstrate that everything is at 0 Z position.)

This same issue came up only the other day, its always worth searching on the forum! :slight_smile:

[Solved] Adding a PNG image to a scene, but it's not visible in game view

Doh! Sorry! I did look around the nearby discussions but forgot Brice’s advice about the search function!
Thanks though Rob - that worked a treat!

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Glad you got it resolved Tom :slight_smile:

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