[SOLVED] Hide the Selection Box when placing Buildings

hi there, so i tried a simple solution to cover this use case and it worked, sharing it here so if anyone want a hint can try it out.

(let me know if you find a better solution).

so all i did is created a new event in “BuildingButton” script

and called it at respective places

finally in “UnitSelectionHandler” script i subscribe to the event and created a local var as well, to store the state locally.

lastly, i just checked in “Update” method is user is trying to place the building if yes, i stopped the selection box code.

that’s it, i tried and it seems to work fine.

try it and let me know what you think.

Have a good day.


Thank you for sharing this. It will help a bunch of students.


Where is the ‘HandlerOnTryingToPlaceBuilding’ defined in this?

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