(Solved) Enemies hitting and killing each other

I just finished the combat polishing lesson of the Unity 3rd Person Combat & Traversal course. All this time I only had 1 enemy on the screen so I did not notice, but now that I got more than 1, I noticed that they are able to hit and kill one another. So my thinking was that I’d add a layer ‘Enemy’ and put both of them on that layer, and then in project settings make sure they cannot collide. But that is probably not the only thing I should be doing. How do I fix that? Thank you.

That’s actually the perfect fix. Well done.

They’re still hitting each other though. So what am I doing wrong…?
The enemies got a Enemy tag and Enemy layer on their base layer where their collider etc is too. And in project settings I unticked the collision between Enemy and Enemy. But they’re still hitting each other and able to kill one another.

Isn’t it because of this:

 if(other.TryGetComponent<Health>(out Health health)) // if the other object has the health component then do this

Since the enemy also has the health component… ?
Should I create a separate health component for the enemy perhaps?

The WeaponDamage component also needs to be Enemy, as that’s what’s colliding with the other enemy in an attack.

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