Work around a physics update with fixed intervals on both client and server

  • Pros: As long as a strong connection is maintained, everything should stay in sync between clients and the server quite nicely

  • Cons:If a client loses connection temporarily, their view of the autonomous proxy could be desynced from the authoritative version. (this could probably be worked around by having the client version replicate the server version after a network delay)

Only client inputs are passed to the server, which handles inputs for all pawns. The clients replicate the server state.

  • Pros: Would be ideal with a strong connection, should also have lightweight implementation

  • Cons: Perceived input lag could be high

Check for discrepancies between client and server states and reduce it to 0 regularly.

  • Pros: Pretty lightweight implementation

  • Cons: Motion might be perceived as janky from the clientside, and it might be relatively CPU intensive

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