So, what's your Triple X story?

I’d love to hear what your take is on our basic code-breaking structure.

My story will be of fantasy origin and it will be like the three billy goats gruff story. You come across a bridge where a big troll pops out and asks you a math question, if you succeed you get to pass if not you will be eaten! D:

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Kids trying to hack into a ice cream plane but they skipped math class so now they need your help to open the door!


You’re a thief, trying to pick a heavy chest’s lock in a noble’s mansion. But there is an unusual mecanism, forcing you to enter several numbers to open it. Putting incorrect numbers will make the coffin explode… Will you manage to survive and go out with the noble’s treasury?


I love it! What is the treasure? I wonder…

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On the first run through I followed the story in the course.

However I’m rewriting my TripleX to be about a Space Salvage expert who is trying to gain entry into to abandoned space ships to recover the contents inside.

The codes being entered are to open the various doors into the ship, stating with level 1 being the outer door of the ship progressing through the levels until they reach level 5 which is like the strong box lock.

I’m trying to implement the ability to have the progress through the ship told (like an old text adventure) as the levels increase.

Initially I played the original version of Triple-X, was entertaining but very complicated, then I realized that the difficulty was constant, so I investigated on the internet and found how to set the range of the rand () function. Another problem I had was that after each execution of the game the values of the code were always the same, so I used the function srand () to achieve change the values of the code in each execution. The story I put in Triple-X was that the character is a soul trying to escape from the nine hell circles, to get out of each circle you have to guess the gate code of that circle.

I set the ranges of the rand () function in this way: rand ()%(10 * difficulty) and i use the srand () function as follows: srand (time (NULL)). To use the function srand () and the function time () You must include the libraries stdlib. h and time. h.


There is a final video to come on Section 2, it takes the implementation of the rand() function and makes increase the difficulty each time you beat a level by making the 3 numbers to guess larger.

It is still being filmed but I think it should be released soon. @GavinMilroy can you confirm for @MUTABOW?

However good job figuring it out for yourself and making the game better without the extra video, this is what a good developer would do.

Yep it’s on it’s way to Udemy right now! :yum: It also covers everything listed in the post @MUTABOW made!

Haha, I won’t spoil that :D.

I’m an investigator for the DOJ trying to gain access to information on rogue computer systems… :slight_smile:

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I set up the story as a secret US federal agent who has been delegated to find the nuclear missiles code that have been stolen by the Soviets. One successful hacking, one bombs for the reds. One mistake, Putin in person arrives and kills you with a “slav-liveried” sledgehammer.
Pretty lame but here you go.

You’re trapped in a deep surreal dream and the only way to wake up is to exit through the correct outlet hidden behind a puzzle of strange numbers that you don’t recognize but suddenly make sense.

Homer Simpson couldn’t eat anything for 3 hours.
if he couldn’t eat enough donuts in the time, poor Simpson will die!

You going to be ‘Lisa Simpson’, for save father!

My story is about a Bluestar spaceship that has been attacked by aliens from another galaxy and the control system has been hacked triggering the security system to lock all the rooms in a spaceship. You, as a Commander of a spaceship are stuck in an Engine Room. To save the spaceship, you have to solve your way through 10 puzzles to the Control Room in order to change the course of the ship. If you fail 5 times, you die. So, save the Bluestar, Commander!

A thief stole your brother’s important documents.You are John and after your researches you found who stole the documents.
Now your job is to enter in his house to steal your brother’s documents from inside the treasury of the house. If you insert the treasury password incorrect three times, an alarm is ringing and he will kill you.
Try to steal back your brother’s documents.

My Triple X Game story line is a series of detonations will occur if you don’t get the code. Similar concept to the original story line but with a twist.

My story involves a mix of the sci-fi and fantasy genres in a land of Men and Elves. Here we go…

You have obtained a strange crystal containing the memories of an unknown individual. As a keen visionary who has studied mental spells, you are more than confident that you can probe this capsule. However, this crystal was designed with multiple layers which can only be bypassed with the correct mental coordinates. Failing to find the correct coordinates leads to unrelated memories, forcing the reader to start over. As you dive deeper, you discover more of the fugitive’s identity.

My story is

  • You’re the new 007. Your job is:
    - To infiltrate a clandestine base;
    - Deactivate the series of security system;
    - Recover a stolen nuclear weapon plans stolen by the bad guys;
    - And save the lovely Dr. Petrova, the nuclear scientist that was kidnapped to build the weapons;

In other words, a classic Bond story :]

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you are number boy born a with the ability to see all things in numbers. With this super human power. You are out to save the world with numbers.

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