So proud of myself

Here is a video of my game so far

I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF, because I figured out how to implement the timing part of the code by myself. On my level 5, you will notice that my level looks a lot like the one off of the trailer levels. I built it on this lesson thinking it would work then realized that all 3 moved at the same time. This is due to that they are all starting at the same period of the SIN wave.

So it took me a bit of time to realize by creating another Range, I could effectively move the start period along the SIN wave to have different start points. I have not felt this good about myself in such a long time. I feel like this kid who practiced and practiced and finally got it. Couldn’t find a better link


Oh man! that looks really smooth and cool!
I’m so proud of you too! as someone struggling through learning this stuff too its an amazing moment when it clicks for you!
Youre like motivating me rn :smiley: keep it up!

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I KNOW RIGHT! when it clicks and your like “wait… I solved that! I’M A GENIUS!” I see your doing the RPG tutorial. I picked that one up too to do after this one. How’s it coming along for you?

Good job man, i struggled with this one for sure. first video where i was copying it but not fully understanding it, ill go through it again take some notes and wrap my head around the different equations

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Dude, I lost a bunch of stuff the day after I posted this. And I had to keep telling myself it was ok for that exact reason. going back through it I tried to do as much as I could from memory and surprised myself which how much I could do. Not everything mind you, that oscillator code threw me for a loop lol

Bro can I please know how you created those launch and landing pads they look sick. Blender?

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Yep Blender. It’s a Great Program

The rocket game was really cool. It looked very refined. Gz on the achievement!

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thanks so much man, it really was quite the achievement :slight_smile:

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