Name: TradeX

Theme: You are apart of a Galactic trading company, but you’re not good enough for that yet, no no no no no. You must move things in our vast underground facilities first before you get to play with the big boys.

What I’m hoping to do is expand on this game later after I’ve completed this part of the course. I’ll use it still as a “tutorial”. Then expand the game out to a circular map where there will be more ideas implemented.

Such as:
The player goes to different trad locations to trade and buy goods as well as fuel.
Ships have limited fuel
Game is won when you obtain a certain amount of credits
Game is lost on death with not enough credits to buy back into the game.
Obstacles will be implemented to add difficulty and map changes.
example: Meteor shower. Or Astroid Shower. One will be a space flight obstacle. The other will be both space and planet-destroying, taking away resources or trading posts possibly.


hows the game coming along got any updates @Phillip_Boswell :slight_smile:

Still working hard on the tutorial, as I want to get as much info into my head before I do. But I did just make this post about the tutorials

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Awesome! I’m really impressed with the whole thing. Just getting ready to start this section of the course, and I hope I can build something that’s even close to how polished yours looks. Great work!

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