Slightly quicker way to add a map to package build

When you right click the level, instead of “Copy reference path” choose “Copy file path.” Then after you paste the file path into the list of maps to include in the build, just hit enter and it will automatically shorten the path to the correct syntax. WARNING: if you try this same method with “Copy reference path” it will crash the engine.


When creating that string to store the map directory for the ServerTravel instead of creating a variable and doing a check to make sure it’s not empty…why not simply initialize it with that value? If I understand it correctly this will simply ensure that if it’s not set it will default to that value it was initialized with.

Also when adding it to the Packaging there is actually a button that lets you select the server directly from the folder rather then having to copy the path.

You could do that but you should still perform the check anyway. Someone may clear it.

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I see, so it’s just a safety thing. That makes sense then.

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