Slide animation Problem in unity

Hey I am currently making a endless runner game to practice what I have learned so far using coroutines and such. I have a problem that I think is animation related, but could be code not sure. So for context I using synty assets i have purchused and animations from mixamo. The animations their self work fine and it is all good that way but when I press my Slide button, It looks like He starts the animation from the height of the hip instead of along the ground of course is what i woild like to happen.

Currently my code just calls on key press to set trigger for slide. So i dont know if i would need to ass more code to make the character full to the floor or if its just an animation thing? Any help would be apprecieted

Sometimes Mixamo animations don’t play well with Synty models. Are you using the method Synty recommends to make the Mixamo animations play well with their models? How to animate a character with Mixamo for Unity - (Tutorial) by #SyntyStudios - YouTube
The TLDR is you upload Synty’s “rig” model, which they designed just for Mixamo to Mixamo, and then you download all animations against that rig model. There are a few things, however, that you need to fix when you import the models. The video will walk you through it.

Turns out you where right, i already had it download the same zip file months ago, so must forgot it takes extra steps for mixamo animations but once again you have helped. So hope it helps other people having some weird issues.

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