Show Your Final Tile Map Platformer

Here’s a great spot to show what you’ve come up with after progressing through the TileVania section of the course.

This is what my Tilevania currently looks like Graphics are from CraftPix.


I did have a uestion about this part of the tutorial. I posted it here About 'Coin Pickups'!

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Hello, I made a “tilevania” as a school project and know it’s up and running! It’s short but I wanted to focus on details and the feel of the game. I hope you give it a go and thanks for a great tutorial! Link to Cavejump


Looks good.

Hey Forum. Have just finished the course and the last section with my own small tweaks and input.

Wanted to share my game with you and challenge Rick to complete it (with sound :slightly_smiling_face:)



  1. It’s not perfect
  2. my Input was the triggered music on some specific occasions, the triggered spots for faster water flow and a classic Tutorial level.
  3. it needs A LOT of tweaking.

Thank you Rick for the awesome course. I am ready now for the 3D course + the Game Jam in May + my own 2D game and game development journey.

Was a blast!

Really happy to see that you’ve enjoyed the course!

Hello, finally I found a very motivating idea to continue with tilevania. I am going to develop a light and dark dynamic based game, where each level represents a puzzle with a resolution with light and dark, by using levers distributed in the level.
I’ve been messing around with unity 2D lighting experimental support and it works great! With a great level of flexibility.

I really did not look if there is something like this on the market, I’m sure it is, but hey, I find it something interesting to continue working for a while on the project (before starting 3D and then RPG)

Here are the prototype in pictures. 2D lighting enables to control all lighting aspects per sorting layer. I test many cool features, like temporized progresive dark, day-night cycle (more complex), all-dark level only iluminated by moonlight in windows, and other cool things.

The lighting controller allows the global ambient light to be strengthened or dimmed as the spot lights (torches) are switched on or off using the levers:


Really cool.

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Finished the 2D course. I added a few features and enjoyed making my first Tileset.
Have a play.

Thanks for the amazing course Rick and the Gamedev.TV team. I have learnt so much and I am feeling confident to use Unity now to create some games!


Amazing game! I left some feedback in the game’s Itch page.

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Thanks Yee! Appreciate you playing my game!

Here my version of TileVania! The music is original, artwork is "Cute Sister Platformer "by “Master484”.
Thank you for this amazing course, it was a lot of creative fun!


This is my TileVania game. Enjoy!


Nice work! Good idea with the boulder puzzle!

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Nice Work … I love it

Thanks a lot for this amazing course!
Link to my TileMap Platformer:

Gameplay video:

I have a Tilemap Flickering bug (you can see it on the gameplay video), so in the next 2 days, I will try to fix it. The bug appears in WebGL build, but in Unity Editor tilemap works fine.
Also the small issue with the StartGame button formatting

On the other side - the game performs well!

I also had problems with ScenePersist, but luckily they were solved! In the near future, I will make a post on the forum describing how I solved this problem!

This course is really marvelous :star_struck:

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I finally finished this course and here is my final project!

Thank you for making these amazing courses! Before taking your unity course I had no idea how to bridge the gap between my programming knowledge and actually making a video game, but now I feel like I can actually make video games for people to play and that’s amazing since I’ve only been doing Unity for five months. So again, thank you Rick, Ben, and all the other instructors I haven’t met yet. I may meet them soon though, as I’m planning on taking more courses!

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This is awesome.

Hello guys!

Here is my version of the game. Sea level is rising due to global warming! Frogs are in danger and must be relocated. You have to capture three frogs per level, get as many coins as possible and kill climate change negationist!

I made this game very long ago, but I could not upload it because there were problems with lag. I was very upset, after so much effort :(… but the issue seems to be fixed now and here it is :D!

All assets are made by me. Music was downloaded from OpenGameArt. Link to game:

Thanks a lot for everything, Ben, Rick, Nina and the rest of the team! You guys are awesome :slight_smile:


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