Show Your Final Tile Map Platformer


Here’s my version of it. I’m actually really proud of it and I’m happy with the result.
Hope you guys can try it out and give me some feedback.

Great job! Amazing leveldesign! I really like it!

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Thanks for the kind words and for trying it out n.n

I just finished the section and the course! Thank you so much to everyone who made this course and helped me here in the forums!

My TileVania game is called Bookit’s Escape!
I mostly use the assets we used during the lectures but I created the levels and made it so that depending on the difficulty you pick some of the levels change a bit! (Would love to see if you can tell everything that changes with the difficulty levels (PS - its not hard lol))

This is my first time coding and making games so this is incredibly exciting for me! Thank you once again for everyone who made this course possible and special thanks to Rick!

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