Shoot action grid visuals flashing

Hi code monkey,

Could you help me figure out what is going on in the attached image? When I have the camera at certain angles, some of the shoot action grid visuals (depending on camera angle) flash bright red (top left of the below image).

Do you have any idea what might be causing this?



OK, so I was playing around with the setting on the material - and under advanced settings, if i set the sorting priority to “-1”, the issue disappears. Could you help me understand why this fixed the problem? I understand that this changes the sorting priority for rendering this material - but I’m not really sure what it was competing with.

I’m actually not sure myself. It could be the material on the pillars, perhaps? Sometimes we just don’t know the cause, only the solution. I’m glad you got that sorted.

That’s very odd, objects shouldn’t randomly glow like that, maybe it’s a very strange rendering bug with your specific card/drivers. Is it always the same object or no?
I’m not familiar with sorting priority, are you using HDRP?

It’s different objects depending on the angle of the camera. I setup the project using the URP. Sometimes the quads flash red and sometimes it shows a black and white checkered quad instead. I’m also a 5+ year old MacBook Pro, so it could be the graphics drivers are a bit buggy. I might try doing an actual build and testing it both on my Mac and I also have a windows machine to try it on.

I appreciate the reply!

Do you have any items in the scene using a black and white checkered quad? My first thought was possibly Zed racing (when two items are on top of each other, they compete for who gets the honor of being displayed, but I don’t think that’s it). When you mentioned the checkered quad… makes me think graphics card/drivers is on the right track…

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