Sharing the game with a friend and getting host lobby working

So after spending hours trying to figure out why I was having issues with having someone join lobby through steam and trawling through lots of comments, I finally got it working. I want to put it here because the lecturer completely misses sharing the game with a friend, which is a pretty big error on his part because it causes the host lobby to break when running the game through steam. Its also incredibly annoying since it isn’t a coding problem, so checking your code against the lecturers code is completely useless.

To share the game with a friend you need to go to your game directory in Unity, make a copy or zip of the build folder and send it to them. But before you do that, there is a small text file in the main game directory called steam_appid. Copy that into the build folder first, before you add the game to the steam library or send it to your friends. Your build folder should look something like this:

Adding the steam_appid is important. Without it, when you click host lobby it will come up blank, and you will not be able to invite friends to play.


Thanks for sharing, it is most appreciated!

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