Sharing my Ambitions, What will I Build?

My current background professionally is CAD drafting, but it mostly was 2d work, previously I had built my own 3d printer and had an internship that had a wide range of tasks from machine work, programming, cnc milling. I just generally love creating and hope to use UE5 for much more than game development into the future

I really have many ideas on games I would love to build. I am going to start with some simple concept games to reinforce what I have learned, the first of which will sort of be like a tag game, between my dog and squirrels and chase around through a wooded scene and a back yard or two. Use this as a portfolio builder to find a job or to build up to another larger game that could start me as an Indy dev

The difficulties I foresee are trying to be too ambitious and feature creep. I need to try and focus on simplish ideas to build skills and create frameworks. As for more fundamental problems I foresee, creating models, finding good sounds, and marketing, both myself and/or any game I develop.

And Obligatory dog picture since he got mentioned:

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Great photo.

As for creep, there’s a model that categorises the features you have as:

  • Core Features
  • Desired Features
  • Nice to have features

Think of them as 3 circles where core is at the centre. Start by only implementing the core features. There should be very little around that. Usually alone the game isn’t exciting. Then, add desired features. They should not alter your core functionality but build on it to add some fun to the game. Finally, look at your Nice to Have features. These again should not change the other 2 but build on them.

As always, design is best done away from your computer in a notebook - you could document later or photograph it for easy reference as part of a Game Design Document.

I hope this helps.

Thanks! I have been keeping a journal of my ideas and when the times strike trying to record them to save for later and keep my focus on the core. I definitely need to start separating them better into the categories as you have outlined, taking these courses have certainly helped figure out what is needed to be a part of the core and what is better left to the desired and nice to have catagories

And Yea my core idea isn’t very exciting, but I am excited to be building something all my own!

At the moment I am keeping the courses as my main focus so that I can build up my knowledge around something structured and gather a greater understanding of the mechanics and functions on UE. I had gotten the “finish it” course and am saving my game to work on with that course since I think it’ll be a good fit and test of my skills while also working through something structured

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