Share your simple Sandbox

Thanks Man! That’s actually very helpful.

Here’s my little village.

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First time doing something in 3D! So excited!

Been playing around with some ground textures, post process and learned to implement Ray tracing (Which isn’t so hard)

Feel the lighting looks nicer now than my last posted Sandbox.

Just Using the Prefabs provided

My village

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My little town

Not nearly as impressive as what many of you have created! but heres my little village

I decided to create a basic sandbox for now and improve it later. This is my growing little village.

My sandbox scene

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I love the pond in the middle, might seem like a small detail, but I believe it will add a ton to your RPG game, the ability to swim, fish or complete quests in the water could be an interesting piece to your game. I always think about legends of zelda when I see these sandboxes. Nicely done!

This is my firstime creating a small kind of sandbox, so i think i went a bit overboard, and probably ugly, for what it’s suppose to be, but i really wanted to see what i could do besides the basic, and im proud of it even if it’s not the best.

I made a really simple town and environment. The theme in my mind was ‘tiny village at the end of a trade route.’ The village should be experiencing an issue when the game starts where the bridge you took to get here collapsed behind you leaving you and the villagers cut off from the main road.

Nothing too fancy so far… just a crossing of two paths with one house next and another one further off the starting point…

Updated by adding some more props into the scene after finishing the video…

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