Share Your Completed Moment Here!

Great work, are you happy for me to share on social media to inspire others?

Sure that sounds great! I just updated it

sorry for the late reply

My first moment :smile:


So awesome!

Awesome job Renzo. Would you be ok if we shared it on social media to help inspire others?

Yes thats oke.

Save the blind girl?


Blind girl is on her own…she can Hodor whilst I sneak away :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is fab, would you mind if we share it on social media to help inspire others?

Thanks Lucy. I don’t mind at all.

Here are quick videos of my two cinematic moments in my game. The first was a reveal at the upcoming guard outpost, and the other one was to forewarn the player of a powerful monster as well as to provide a cinematic introduction to the village before they enter it.

Please play my little demo and let me know what you think: Gameplay Moment Demo


Great work Alectra. Loving the level layout and great cinematics.

Gameplay testing wise:

  1. I would make the hit boxes for the enemies a lot bigger. I really struggled to target them.
  2. Health bars will be welcome when you get there in the course.
  3. Some of the buildings aren’t set to static so you can walk through on the navmesh.

Thanks for the input Sam! Health bars will absolutely be welcome. I thought I got all the buildings static, but I’ll have to take a closer look, and I will definitely make those enemy hit boxes bigger. :slight_smile:

I am really enjoying this new content in the course, I am finding it easier to follow along with than the original content. Although I also enjoyed that older content, I am finding that in the new content, I am having an easier time modifying things and applying them to my game while still being able to keep up with what you are doing. In the original content, I recall having to remove most of the changes that I made in order to continue on with the course.

I am hoping eventually we make NPCs (otherwise I will make them myself). I’ll create more creature types for enemies and have the dwarves, and probably a few other races like elves and humans, be NPCs you are saving from the monsters. I think that first cutscene would look especially good with the dwarves trying to fend off the creatures while some weaker-looking characters cower off to the side, then the player gets to rush down there and save them.

I think we will have NPCs that you can talk with but not enabled for combat. That’s definitely something you should try to add. Maybe just a bit of a tweak to the enemy AI to add allegiances.

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Here is the first moment of Project Unravel! There is this weird thing going on causing my enemies to change positions on the y-axis on play. Apparently this could be due to the animations.
Anyways, I’m absolutely loving this course! Thank you @sampattuzzi and @Rick_Davidson for the opportunity!


I think the problem that you comment on the Y axis is because of the collider that creates the NavMesh.
In the Dolly Track camera you can change the Y position and rotate each waypoint.

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Hey Everyone!

See my cinematic moment below. Loving this course so much! Thanks so much @sampattuzzi and @Rick_Davidson.


Nice work. :slight_smile:


Simple complete moment with cinematic.


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