Share Your Completed Moment Here!

I want to see what you’ve made. Share a video of the cinematic fly through and the moment you’ve created.


Here’s my simple moment. :slight_smile: I’d like to do more polish/effects and stuff, but trying to stay fast and loose!


Really like the rocky secret goat path. And the jumping adds a cool extra dimension.

Animations need some work (mostly from Mixamo). Here’s my flyby moment.

I took a completely different approach to dealing with freezing controls… I started with the event hooks, but rather than finding the PlayerController (dependency) and disabling it, I simply sent messages to the controller with SendMessage(“DisableControl”) and (“EnableControl”) and added those methods into the PlayerController, allowing the player controller to deal with cancelling actions and ignore input. Yes, there is a definite risk of spelling issues with the SendMessage, but completely eliminates dependency on RPG.Control.


Messaging is great. Generally I would use it in a scenario where you have multiple possible broadcasters and multiple receivers. But it certainly helps keep the dependencies down here.

My Moment


Sharing my little moment :blush:


Here is my cinematic addition to the Dark Forest of Haven. Our intrepid adventurer is trying to find the Fairy of the Dark Forest. She must evade or defeat the goblins as she makes her way through the maze.
(I’ve already seen some issues with the player getting too close to the goblins, will work on that later.)


I like the cave at the end of the road. It’s amazing what you can do with simple assets.

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Yay Uni-Chan. I like the camera angle that you are using. Where did you get the different outfit for her?

Very nice. I think it needs some music switching when you get into combat.

Thanks! I hid a few things in her hierarchy, and I painted on her texture :slight_smile:

My first moment. No dolly in this scene as its quite basic. I didn’t want to give it all away as there is a hidden enemy not shown in the cinematic, I wanted to surprise the player. Does anyone know why the lighting on renders within a certain radius of the player?


Nice assets and level design.

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Thanks! @Sovereign

Awesome that you’ve gone out and got different assets and a different them. Love the desert island feel.

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Thanks @sampattuzzi I’m going for the pirate theme.

I have 3 moments and 3 levels total in my game, this is just a sneak peek.


Nice, might want to change the LOD on the flowers a little as the popping in is a bit distracting. Is the shaking deliberate?

Awesome work. This looks epic.

Thanks for the suggestion and I feel like the reason it is shaking is because the camera is stuck in something, I will try to fix that.

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