Session Settings with custom player number from slider


I am using the steam app dev id 480

I have a slider to set the amount of players in my multiplayer game (from 2 to 10) right before I host.
When I do that, the players can’t join as soon as one player has joined (as a build in development too. When I build in release I can not join anything, most likely because of some restriction because of the app id). When I spam the join button, more players can join. Does that mean I have to create multiple sessions?

I’m not totally clear on the behaviour here. Do you get any log messages that might leave a clue? What have you been setting in response to the slider? What were you setting before introducing the slider? Was that working?

I found the problem:

It seems like the session is already starting as soon as one player joins.
Fixed it with:

SessionSettings.bAllowJoinInProgress = true;
In the session settings

For now, but I am not really satisfied with that. I will have a look at how to start the session manually at another time.


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