Server Travel fails and then returns to Main Menu Level UE5.3

When I run the batch file the client is able to connect to the Steam Subsystem. When I open the server it connects, goes to the map briefly, and then returns to the main menu level. I checked the game mode is CoopAdventure. The log seems to imply a net driver issue. I have the DefaultEngine.ini file set up from copy and pasting from it (from 5.3) with the bInitServerOnClient set to true. I’m wondering if there is something obvious I am missing. I’d like to keep up with the latest version but have installed 5.2 in case it is not findable. It seems like it might be picking an incorrect socket since it can’t load the SocketSubsystem module Steam?

It is helping me to learn more about what is happening but this issue has been a blocking one.

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Unreal engine 5.3 (and sometimes 5.2) only seems to work if you use a packaged build and not via the editor or command line. If you are on development and using the Null OSS this works fine but as soon as you try and switch to steam, a packaged build is needed.

Give that a try and let me know how you get on.

Thank you for the idea!

I had to re verify the engine to make builds since the windows sdk wasn’t being detected. I was finally able to make a build and ran it from the exe without the .bat file and the same issue happened. I checked the logs in the build folder and the same socket issue appears. Steam is used, it briefly connects to the map, and then returns to the main menu. If I run it without steam open and it uses Null as the fallback, then it connects to the map where the player can’t move.

It is finally working, I tried using the Steam Sockets plugin to see if it would address the issue, but it did not or I was not using it correctly. I removed it, made a build, and it works from a packaged build. The bat file unfortunately just stalls out when creating the server with no travel but at least having builds work is fine since they don’t take too long right now. Thanks for the help. Your suggestion seemed to be the way to go once I got the engine back in order. It seems like 5.4 might be scheduled for fixing steam sockets.

I really hope they do. I’ve seen a number of issues relating to Steam and network play with UE 5.3.

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